What's All This, Then?

Once upon a time, some guys wanted to learn Rust. Their heroic tales were told in a book/website that became famous.

But that's getting ahead of ourselves.

This website is here and is not awesome and famous yet because you have to start somewhere. So we started somewhere, with a web site built on mdbook.

There are static site generators based on Rust too, and there's Wordpress and the rest of the blogging universe. But mdbook was handy. Either way, a static site is a nice cheap starting point.

Where's the Code for This?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we are looking for contributions! Thanks for asking. Here's the RustAssured repository.

"Oh Look!"

(said John). You can run Rust code right here in the book by doing something like:

println!("Hello, World!");

Here's what happens:

fn main() {
println!("Hello, World!");

There is a lot more you can do like including files, and tagging sections of rust files so you can include snippets, and I do a lot of it in passing_objects.md.

The adventure continues...